Looking for Coffee for your Cafe?

Here we are ready to help! 

We provide the best coffee Bali from soil to cup. The whole process of coffee is monitored tight fo the best quality. Our Coffee from Kintamani Bali on small batch from our farm and the rest is collaborating with local farmer. Their live is in coffee industry, coffee is their live and also us.

Contact us for further disscusion and have a cup of coffee together

Bali Coffee Price

Are you coffee drinker? Coffee price is not matter for coffee lover. Taste is everything. For Cappuccino (regular) in Bali cost about 30.000 – 35.000 

Kintamani COffee Natural Process

What is Balinese Coffee?

Simply Bali Coffee, coffee from the island of Bali is used to make the beverage known as Bali coffee. Bali contains volcanoes, therefore its nutrient-rich soil is ideal for growing high-quality beans. Farmers frequently grow coffee beans near to citrus trees to enhance the flavor, which gives each roast a somewhat sweet and acidic taste.

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